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I always have all this stuff I want to comment in here, and then… - Autumn Spirit

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February 27th, 2004

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09:45 am
I always have all this stuff I want to comment in here, and then when I get here, I've forgotten all the crap I wanted to say. I do remember one thing I wanted to comment on, and that's the gift baskets that all these celebrities get at all these lame award shows. First of all, why is it these over-paid celebrities get, free, the very stuff they can now pay for many times over? It's really none of my business, I guess, since I didn't pay for any of it, er...I don't think I did. But it really pisses me off for some reason. And I'm on this "I'm sick to death of celebrities" kick right now. I used to think that religion was the opiate of the masses, but now I think it's E!Entertainment News (wait, news? Since when is what Beyonce wore to an awards show...news??!!). I saw a piece last night on a pair of shoes that were made of diamonds, and they were $1 million per shoe. Then I see this other woman wearing a $26 million necklace..and she had three guys behind her that were guarding the necklace. I guess it's okay if someone slits her throat, as long as those three apes save the necklace. Of course if she has the usual "sense of entitlement" that is seeded in most celebrities, she'll think it's all about her.
We have a president who has now graced our country with the largest national dept in history, while soldiers die in Iraq so Dubyah can do his "daddy love me" scheme. "Look daddy! I got'im I got'im!", while this administration is trying to amend the constitution with some kind of lame "definition of marriage" amendment, which will be the first time a president has tried to amend the constitution with something that will oppress a group of people instead of liberate them! And most people are scratching lottery tickets or trying to see what Joan Rivers says is okay to wear on the red carpet.

Definition of marriage?! That's the biggest travesty yet. Define WHAT? How heterosexuals have been fucking up marriage for centuries? Hey, if homosexuals wanna have a shot at bastardizing that lame union called marriage, then they should have every right to! Besides, I think Britney Spears has defined marriage pretty good, actually. It means whatever a person wants it to mean. Like, for her, it means "I'm drunk and I do what I want." For Lisa Marie Presley it means "I have lots of money but I can't seem to shake that white trash gene in my blood so I marry as many times as any other trailer park whore." For Ben Affleck it means..well, nothing. He just couldn't stay away from his good...ahem...friend, Matt Damon.

Marriage is a business deal. And if someone is choked by the Bible Belt, then they don't have enough oxygen going to their brain anyway to realize that their idea that God makes these unions, then God sure as hell has a lot of fuck ups. If I was God, I'd be madder than hell. I don't know if that pun was intended. Perhaps God did it.

Man, for someone who thinks they have nothing to say in their journal, I sure can get on a tangent.

I've never actively disliked a president as I do that one who's sitting on his lily-white ass in the White House.

Daddy! Love ME! DADDY LOVE ME DADDY LOVE ME! Ah got him! Saddam! Daddy, look!

In the mean time...
Madonna, Britney, Demi, and Paris continue to turn the mystical Kabbala into a fashion of little red-string bracelets.

"Aint that america for you and me!"

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