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Be back...need more bags of air from the grocery store... - Autumn Spirit

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February 18th, 2004

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02:47 pm - Be back...need more bags of air from the grocery store...
I have come to the conclusion that when you buy something, you aren't actually paying for the content, you are buying packaging. The content is just a side trip. For instance, I bought some of this apple cider drink where you heat the water in the cup and pour the little powder in there and it makes a tasty hot drink. First of all, I open the little box, and there inside are the number of envelopes that was reported on the side of the box, no problem. But the envelopes are so thin that they only take up about 1/10th of the width of the box. Then, when you tear the envelope open to pour the powder into the water, I notice there's about a spoonful of the powder in an envelope tall enough to hold the contents of every envelope in the box! So I bought a box full of air, envelopes, and a couple of spoonfuls of that powdered drink mix was thrown in for filler I guess.
And pickles used to be stuffed into the jar so tight you could barely get them out. Not anymore...now they are swimming. So I buy a jar of vinegar and a couple of petrified cucumbers are stuck in there for decor, I guess.
And how about tuna fish? You can shake the can and it sounds more like soup. Packaged in water is RIGHT!
And I love the way chip bags have all this writing on the front and there's a little window at the bottom where you can see the chips...the window is at the bottom because that's where the chips are. They must have one of those circus tanks to blow up the bags like air balloons before shipping them. Contents may settle in shipping? WHAT contents? Air doesn't settle!
I got one of those round plastic containers that has 50 cd-rw disks. I open it, and at the bottom of the stack, where the disks are arranged on the spindle...there's this big styrofoam thing that looks like a hockey puck to push the disks up the make it look like you're getting some huge stack of disks, even though the actual number that's in there is on the package. They want it to LOOK like it's a bigger package.
Are we all really THAT lame in this country? No no..don't answer that.

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