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The Day of thanks is over...and I'm back to my bitchin - Autumn Spirit

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November 30th, 2003

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10:34 pm - The Day of thanks is over...and I'm back to my bitchin
I'm trying to join a Carnivale group and for some reason, it won't load in right. There must be five billion people on LJ right now. I guess everyone is trying to get over the holiday weekend. It's so weird...I love the idea of my family more than the reality of them...well, most of them, anyway. I think they feel the same way about me.

I want to talk about Carnivale and I can't get that group page to load in...it just sits there! I went to the HBO chat and that worked fine, and it even had two of the stars on there, Nick Stahl and Clancy Brown...half the world was on there it seemed, but it worked fine. Ah, is any of that a big deal? Yeah, to me it is.

Why do people pay big companies to advertise for them? What I mean is...why do people PAY Tommy Hilfiger to wear his stuff and advertise for him? Why do people pay Coca Cola, Abercrombie, Old Navy, any lame singer or band, etc etc...to wear their name or product emblazened across their chest, their back, their over-priced shoe or whatever they're wearing at the time? And people have car dealerships metal plated name attached to their car, but yet they have to buy the car AND advertise for the dealer? I remember my uncle made the car dealership take the name of the dealer off his car or else take $1,000 off the price for him advertising for the company. I thought that was damned funny AND smart. The car dealer took it off.
And all TV is is one big advertisement. People think if they are watching a music video on Mtv they are being what..entertained?? Hell...it's nothing but an advertisement for a new cd. If you see a *cough*...starrr...on tv, they are there to promote something. All the late night talk shows and all those morning shows are just one big long advertisement. Now we all pay for cable, then pay extra for channels, then have to pay again for pay-for-view. Wait a minute...when you pay that first time, aren't you paying to watch tv? What's all this pay for view crap??!! Paying to watch MORE commercials to buy the tshirt to pay them to now advertise the product?

"Oh oh..thank you for letting me shop in Costco..even though I paid YOU to shop in your store and buy your stuff so I can wear it with the label on the outside and thank you for letting me advertise your wonderful product so I can go home an pay my cable bill so I can pay for my pay for view so i can see MORE commercials and be worthy enough to buy more of your products."

Now that is a nation with a teeny little ego.
When did we all get so BRILLIANT?

and how about those dumbasses standing outside the Today show so they can talk to Al Roker..the, uh...weather man...and wave to aunt mable back in Peoria and then...after being on tv for five seconds and making a total ass out of yourself..oh boy...I've been on tv...I was on the Today show..I can now LIVE...

but only if I can wear the tshirt.

Well, Carnivale is on again...and I must see it again...you know, the HBO I have to pay for on top of the DirectTV bill??
man oh man...

Anyone have a Carnivale Tshirt I can have???

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