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bitch bitch again...... - Autumn Spirit

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February 5th, 2004

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01:02 pm - bitch bitch again......
Daaamn...I haven't been here to my journal in months and months. And there's so much information swirling around in my head. I've had a shit week, beginning with some fuck stealing a lot of money out of my billfold that fell out of my pocket at this theater right near here. I feel like I'm the dumbass since I had so much money in the billfold in the first place, but I had some stuff I needed to buy. Oh well. I tried my best not to go find the darkest, most evil curse to put on this person, along with wishing them an eternal life in their own personal hell, combined with all kinds of evil thoughts of my own...but in the long run, I believe that whatever I send out will come back to me seven-fold and all that crap. But when you've been burned, I just wanted red blood revenge. I've calmed down now and will try to let it go and let the gods take care of the karma.
And hey, does that mean I had bad karma? I didn't steal anything from anyone. How's that damned karma work anyway?
All I know is I was terribly pissed off. Now I'm just moderately pissed and trying my best not to wish acid rain on this person.
Yeah yeah...someone told me maybe it was a poor single mother who might need to feed her starving child. Yeah? then why did she spend $10 on a movie theater? You can't get in without a ticket?? Besides, if that's the case, Donald Trump owes us all a wad of cash. So that theory just doesn't stand with me.
On the other hand, I just looked at photos of my grandmother's old house, that is now condemned and boarded up. It used to be the most amazing house, full of beautiful things and love and magick. Now it's full of broken glass, old stained carpets, boarded up windows...I'm trying so hard not to hate human beings. I tell ya, I understand Aragorn wanting to go live with the damned ELVES!! Gimme that ring, Gollum...I got a right bastard to deal with.

Anyone know this line? "think ya used enough dynamite there butch?" That's how I feel.

Wow..I come back here and just dump a bitch fest in my poor little live journal. Well so what! I'm off to Mordor! See ya!

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